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NDS, Inc. Introduces a Channel Drainage System for Athletic Tracks

EZ Track™ Trench Drain System Makes Creating Curves Easy

WOODLAND HILLS, CA – October 2008 – NDS, Inc., a leader in water management solutions, has expanded its drainage product offerings to provide an innovative solution for radius applications.  A lightweight yet durable alternative to polymer concrete products, the new EZ Track™ Trench Drain System makes creating continuous bends and curves effortless, providing an easy-to-install solution for athletic track applications.

Installing drainage around the curved section of an athletic track was once difficult to accomplish with a traditional channel drain system offering only straight channels.  EZ Track radius couplings work seamlessly with the existing Dura Slope Trench Drain system from NDS to intercept and collect surface water runoff.  The tongue-and-groove ends quickly snap into place with both channel pieces and radius couplings for a precise fit.  Once connected the radius coupling remains locked vertically while rotating up to six degrees horizontally.   The EZ Track system has a curved section that can be easily adapted to fit around an athletic track's curved sections ranging from 80 to 130 feet in radius.

Constructed from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the EZ Track offers significant labor savings.  Unlike traditional and brittle concrete channel drain systems, EZ Track is lightweight, making it easy to load, unload and carry while also significantly reducing the amount of broken pieces. 

EZ Track can be used for neutral, non-sloping depths (DS-097N, DS-100N, DS-103N, and DS-106N) and comes packaged with six radius couplings, six solid grates for use during installation and 12 screws for grate covers.  Grates for the EZ Track radius couplings are single-slotted to blend with the Dura Slope system, sold separately and available in five colors – light gray, black, green, sand and brick.  NDS will also offer an aesthetically pleasing single-slotted ductile iron grate.

The EZ Track Trench Drain system will reach warehouses nationally in February 2009 though specifications can currently be made for this product.   

About Dura Slope Trench Drain System

The Dura Slope Trench Drain System, launched in October 2007, is engineered to intercept and collect surface water runoff.  The system consists of an in-line catch basin, 24 pre-sloped channel sections and nine neutral channel sections.  The sloped channel sections enable the Dura Slope system to extend to a length of 96 feet with a continuous slope, while neutral channels can be added to extend the length of the system.  By incorporating central collection through the use of the catch basin assembly, the Dura Slope system can be extended to lengths up to 266 feet to accommodate a range of drainage needs.

The Dura Slope catch basin and channels feature a pre-installed ProFit™ locking system, which maintains structural integrity during installation.  Each channel and in-line catch basin is equipped with LeveLoc™ integral re-bar supports for easier installation.      

Located at 24-inch intervals along the sides, these re-bar supports include an internal protruding knob for easy gripping and height adjustment.  Each Dura Slope piece has the DuraLoc™ tongue-and-groove ends for a precise fit and joints with a snap-lock assemblage to prevent joint movement during installation.  Each channel section is also molded with a bottom outlet, allowing for system versatility and ensuring proper drainage.

The Dura Slope trench drain system provides a solution for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal drainage needs.  The system is available with a variety of grate material options, including cast iron, structural foam, galvanized steel and stainless steel. The Dura Slope can be installed in a variety of settings including driveways, parking areas, warehouses, loading docks, gas station entrances, commercial pools and fire stations.

For more than 30 years, NDS, Inc. has been a leader in water management solutions for both residential and commercial markets.  NDS, Inc. is the industry’s primary source for stormwater management, efficient landscape irrigation and water flow management.  NDS, Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality products and services while supporting the environment through the development of green products that efficiently manage and utilize one of the most valuable resources, water.  Headquartered in Woodland Hills, CA, NDS, Inc. products are available throughout North America and Europe.  For more information, contact Mandy Meszaros at (312) 946-6004 or visit

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