Atrium Grates

NDS atrium grates are used in landscape areas, planter beds, window wells, or where debris like mulch and leaves might clog a flat grate.  Choose from our wide selection of round, square, poly, or brass atrium grates.


  • Available in various colors in structural form polyolefin
  • Available in 4" and 6" brass
  • Have more open surface area than flat grates to handle more run-off
  • Poly grates have UV inhibitor to prolong product life span
  • Fits 2" schedule fittings and 3" - 6" sewer and drain pipe, corrugated pipe, or triple-wall pipe
  • Require less maintenance

More Information

NDS Atrium Grate With ...

  • Corrugated Elbow: dwg | pdf
  • Corrugated Tee: dwg | pdf
  • Sanitary Sewer and Drain Tee: dwg | pdf
  • Sanitary Sewer and Drain Tee (Corrugated): dwg | pdf
  • Sewer and Drain Elbow: dwg | pdf
  • Sewer and Drain Elbow (Corrugated): dwg | pdf
  • Spee-D Basin: dwg | pdf
  • Spee-D Basin (2 Outlet): dwg | pdf
  • Spee-D Basin (Corrugated): dwg | pdf
  • Spee-D Basin (2 Outlet, Corrugated): dwg | pdf

NDS Square Atrium Grate With ...

  • Adapter (Tee): dwg | pdf
  • Adapter (Corrugated Tee): dwg | pdf
  • Adapter (Elbow): dwg | pdf
  • Adapter (Corrugated Elbow): dwg | pdf
  • Square Catch Basin: dwg | pdf
  • Square Catch Basin (Corrugated): dwg | pdf
  • Square Catch Basin (Tee): dwg | pdf
  • Square Catch Basin (Tee, Corrugated): dwg | pdf
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Brass atrium grates can remove surplus ground water and help protect the surrounding environment.

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