The Problem

When protecting the value and usability of your property from water damage your goal is to capture excess water, move it away from your home and then disperse or store it in a safe manner.

A drainage problem is a serious problem that requires the right solution. If you do not immediately address water drainage issues you expose yourself to property damage, reduced functionality of your yard, health issues and “surprise” repair costs later.

The Wrong Solution, the “Quick & Dirty” Solution: Many homeowners believe they can solve their drainage problems by simply moving dirt (grading) or digging shallow trenches. These temporary fixes do not effectively solve the problem and can actually make the problem worse. The majority of homeowners report that they are unhappy with the results of temporary solutions – and end up trying another approach within 12 months.

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Introducing NDS residential drainage solutions.


Our Solutions

At NDS we are committed to engineering excellence and customer satisfaction. Before a product reaches you, it has to get past a bevy of “drainage geeks” and actual homeowners testing the product in the “real world.” Every NDS product has met or exceeded our exacting quality standards before reaching you.

NDS solutions are easy to install and provide the most effective means to address your specific drainage problem. Not only do we supply the best products for the job, we also provide you with the know-how and support needed to complete the project successfully. It is no wonder that over 90% of professional contractors use NDS products to quickly, easily and permanently solve drainage problems.

Components of our residential stormwater systems include Channels Drains for hardscapes, Catch basins & Grates for downspouts and low spots in the landscape, Dry Wells & French Drains for subsurface drainage, and Pop-Up Emitters to discharge excess water as mandated by local regulations.

Our Customers

NDS products are used across the globe by consumers and landscape professionals alike. Over 97% of consumers that have used an NDS product report being satisfied with the outcome. NDS drainage products have been installed at numerous iconic locations including The White House, Disney World, Disneyland, Soldier Field, Pebble Beach, the Olympic Training Center - and quite likely, your yard.

Stormwater Management

As new construction or changes to existing construction occurs on any landscape, the introduction of paved surfaces and sloped garden beds can drastically increase the amount of stormwater runoff.

When excessive stormwater runoff cannot be absorbed by the soil, it travels over rooftops, pavement and other impervious surfaces and picks up any pollutants in its path including oil, grease, chemicals, metals, and bacteria. Left untreated, this contaminated runoff will travel through gutters and pipes and will ultimately make its way into lakes and streams.

At NDS, our advancements in stormwater management provide attractive, easy-to-install alternatives to capture stormwater and divert the contaminants that would otherwise enter lakes and streams.

With a range of system components to collect stormwater and then disperse it back into the subsurface to filter naturally through the soil, NDS offers modifiable stormwater management systems to meet local regulations while helping maintain a cleaner environment and water table.

Introducing sustainable NDS sustainable stormwater management solutions for residential and commercial applications.


S5 Sustainable Stormwater Solutions by NDS

S5 by NDS™ offers a turnkey solution in line with Low Impact Development policies by managing stormwater as close to its source as possible through runoff reduction and quality enhancement at the site scale. A single-source solution, S5 by NDS offers known and trusted components for every step in the system.

S5 is easy to specify, qualifies for LEED credits, and offers up to 250% more detention volume than traditional gravel systems. S5 components can be configured to meet a wide variety of residential to light commercial applications.

Landscape Irrigation

With drought conditions on the rise and a growing number of utilities offering incentives for products that reduce water usage, water conservation is becoming an increasingly higher priority for homeowners, municipalities, and corporations nationwide. To meet these needs, NDS offers a full range of efficient landscape irrigation products that offer drought-friendly solutions to save water and time while improving the look of a landscape.

Serving the wholesale contractor under the brand name NDS Professional Irrigation and the consumer market under the leading retail brand Raindrip, NDS offers drip irrigation and related efficient irrigation products that can cut water usage by up to 70 percent.

Introducing NDS landscape irrigation solutions for residential and commercial applications.


What’s Drip Irrigation?

Drip irrigation is a reliable, easy-to-install, low-maintenance alternative to conventional spray irrigation systems, with solutions available for retrofitting and new installations.

Drip irrigation applies water slowly and directly to the root zone, conserving water and minimizing plant stress. The root zone is kept moist but never saturated with water. The end result is that the plant always maintains the ideal balance between water and air.

Our Solutions

Flow Management Valves, Fittings, and Repair Couplings are an integral part of every plastic piping system, and address the most common water connection and control issues. We are a world leader in innovative check valves, ball valves, repair couplings, unions, saddles, and compression fittings with an extensive line of configurations and sizes.

We continues our tradition of innovation with the new patent pending Swivel-Fit™ Variable Angle Fitting that combines two fixed fittings into one adjustable fitting solution.