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Tufftrack Grassroad Pavers are manufactured in rigid 24" square panels for maximum strength. With a compressive strength of 98,770 psf, Tufftrack pavers stabilize the soil to support heavy vehicles like fire trucks while allowing turf to grow. Manufactured from 100% recycled HDPE, these turf pavers are a sustainable solution for areas of high traffic that might otherwise be covered with traditional asphalt or concrete.

Recommended Applications: Fire lanes, emergency vehicle access roads, truck maintenance and equipment yards, construction entrance soil stabilization, truck & cart wash-down areas, RV & boat access and parking, residential driveways, parking lots, overflow parking lots, roadways shoulders.

Environmental Benefits

  • Permeable surfaces eliminate or reduce stormwater runoff
  • Stormwater filters naturally through subsurface, reducing pollutants
  • Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect is mitigated as grass does not absorb as much heat energy as traditional hardscapes
  • Pavers are made of 100% recycled plastic

Competitive Benefits

  • Empty cells have a compressive strength of 98,770 psf
  • The reinforced grass root zone is protected by a gridwork of hexagonal cells
  • Reduces demands put on landscape drainage system
  • Less expensive to maintain over time than traditional hardscaping
  • More pleasing aesthetically than traditional hardscaping

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Tufftrack Grass Paver

Tufftrack panels are rigid for maximum strength.

Tufftrack Fire Lane Grass Paver Installation

With a compressive strength of 98,770 psf empty, Tufftrack provides a permeable surface that is strong enough to support heavy loads such as fire trucks in grasssy fire lanes.

Tufftrack Grass Paver Installation

Tongue-and-groove latching systems provide quick and secure connections between panels without the need for special tools on the job site.

Tufftrack Grass Paver Installation

By preventing compaction of the soil in load-bearing applications, Tufftrack pavers allow grass to grow in areas that would otherwise be covered with asphalt.

A cutaway look at a Tufftrack installation.