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Prevent costly damage
to sidewalks, hardscapes
and foundations.

Root barrier products direct root growth from shrubs and trees downward, dramatically decreasing the roots' potential to clash with and penetrate nearby hardscapes, walls, or building foundations. The use of NDS root barriers for residential and non-residential landscapes has protected these communities against the high cost of repairs due to cracks in foundations and buckled sidewalks and driveways.

All root barrier products are proudly manufactured in the USA.


EP Series Root Barriers

Are injection molded High Impact Polypropylene (HIPP) modular root barrier panels, with a unique factory installed joiner strip that eases installation. EP Series Panels include a "T" top edge to prevent root overgrowth and an external flange at the base to lock panels in the ground.

RP Series Root Barriers

Are extruded High Impact Polyolefin modular root barrier panels, with a one-piece design that includes an integrated interlocking joint.

Suitable for all planting installations, RP Series Root Barrier Panels are available in 12”, 18”, 24”, 36” and 48” depths.

Root Barrier Sheet Material

Manufactured from durable High-density polyethylene (HDPE), Root Barrier Sheet Material creates a water and root barrier to prevent costly damage to pavements, roads, and building foundations caused by water and roots. The 20-foot-long sheets are ideal for linear style planting applications, and can be cut to any length. They are equally suited for individual tree planting use.

Root Barrier Planter

A pre-molded, one piece, tapered root control planter made of Structural Foam High Impact Polyethylene (SFHIPP) for superior strength. The ribbed interior wall design guides tree roots down and out of the flanged base. Advantages include the elimination of measuring, cutting, gluing or assembly of panels. Installation is further simplified in that units fit into a 30” augured hole.

Trunk Protector

Used around the base of trees to prevent damage from lawn mowers, edgers, and string trimmers. The coiled shape allows it to expand with the growth of the tree. It is vented, which permits the tree to breathe and it is notched at the base to accommodate root flare.