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Flo Control PVC and CPVC Connections

With our Flo Control line, we offer a range of specialty fittings for the irrigation and pool & spa industries. Our product offering includes expansion repair couplings, spring, swing check and ball valves, and compression couplings. For more information on each family of products, please click on the links below.

Repair or alter existing lines quickly with dependable Flo-Control Compression Fittings, Pro-Span and Quik-Fix expansion Repair Couplings.

  • CTS Couplings, Tees, and Adaptors
  • Wrenches
  • Expansion Repair Couplings
CTS CouplingNon-union coupling

The Flo-Lock makes water service line installations easier than ever before. They allow a reliable connection for Polyethylene, copper tube, or PVC pipes using our patented design.

  • Complete series of couplings, male adapters, and spigot adapters
  • For use on SIDR-7, SDR-13.5, SDR-9, SCH-40
  • Dry pull tests exceeds 400 pounds
Flo Lock CouplingFlo Lock Adapter

Flo Control has a wide array of Spring & Swing Check Valves to make your job easier.

  • White and clear PVC
  • Spa Check Valves
  • Adjustable Spring Check Valves
  • Available in Compression, Slip, Thread, True Union
Swing Check ValveSpring Check Valve

The one piece ball valve / check valve combination. Save time, labor, and hassle with the winning solution to all wastewater pumping applications requiring in-line ball valves and check valves.

  • White and clear PVC
  • Checkmate has swing check valve
CheckmateCheckmate cutout

Flo Control Saddles offer the fastest and easiest way to tap into your existing system. With Flo Control’s Saddles, installation will be more economical, labor efficient, and chance of rust of corrosion is virtually eliminated.

  • Flo-Tap Hot / Wet taps with built in cutter
  • Clamp-It available for IPS sizes
  • Diamond Knurl Texture on Inside of saddles to prevent slippage
SaddlesSaddles illustration

Flo-Control offers a full line of Ball Valves, Including economy ball valves, Molded-in-place ball valves, Lo-Torque ball valves, Single Union ball valves, True Union ball valves, and CPVC Three-way valves.

  • Pool Three-Way Diverter Valves
  • CVPC Ball valves
  • Serviceable and non-serviceable ball valves
Ball ValveDiverting Valve

Flo-Control offers the most complete line of Sch40 and Sch80 PVC Unions on the market.

  • For schedule 40 and 80
  • Fire hydrant cap
  • Sewer cleanout
Schedule 40 UnionSchedule 80 Union