Compression Fittings and Expansion Repair Couplings

Our Flo Control compression fittings are dependable, versatile, economical, and corrosion free. They include CTS couplings, tees, and adapters.

  • May be selected in a wide range of sizes and materials in including CPVC
  • Save time and money by eliminating precise cutting and threading galvanized or steel pipe
  • Tap into existing lines and connect do different materials such as steel, plastic, copper, or brass
  • Corrosion free above or below ground

For repair of a broken pipe, our Pro-Span expansion repair couplings have a patented locking feature that makes the repair process easier. Additional product benefits include a dual-seal design to prevent leaking and a glue-well to prevent excess glue from sticking the repair coupling together.

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CTS Coupling Flo Control Fittings

Non-Union Coupling Flo Control Fittings

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