Case Study Project Information, Creation of Emergency Access Lanes at Denton Senior Center

Fast Facts

Product and Quantity

NDS EZ Roll Grass Paver 4,800 SF.

Location Address

509 N. Bell Avenue, Denton, TX.


Emergency Access Lane.

Installation Date

June 2009.


City of Denton, TX.

Design Firm

Brown Reynolds Watford Architects.


HCI General Contractors, Dallas TX.

The Denton Senior Center in Denton, Texas needed to ensure that emergency vehicles would be able to access their facilities from either side of the building, however for aesthetic reasons they wanted the area surrounding the building to remain covered with grass.

Though another product was initially specified for the job, Dwight Fuqua at HCI General Contractors did some research and determined that EZ Roll Grass Paver was a better product for this application.

  • As the strongest flexible paver in the market, EZ Roll combined the durability and strength required to support emergency vehicles with ease of installation.
  • The area was seeded following installation and grass grew in within 6 weeks.
  • EZ Roll was the ideal solution or this project as it was able to meet both the functional and aesthetic needs of the application.

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Denton Senior Center, EZ Roll Grass Paver for Emergency Access Lanes

NDS EZ Roll Grass Paver was installed on the far side of the building to provide access for emergency vehicles.

Denton Senior Center, EZ Roll Grass Paver for Emergency Access Lanes, several months after installation

A picture of the site seven months after installation. The area is delineated with low-profile red curbing to mark the boundaries of the reinforced ground.