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Fast Facts

Product Quantity

1310 ft. Dura Slope™ EZ Track™


16302 Texas 493 Loop Lubbock, TX 79423


Drainage Track


Lubbock-Cooper Independent School District

Design Firm

Parkhill, Smith, & Cooper


Sample contractor

Installation Date

May 25, 2010

Channel and Trench Drains

Durable and proven solutions for sheet-flow drainage in applications ranging from light foot to heavy vehicular traffic.

Case Study Details

The project architect of the Lubbock Cooper ISD Middle School in Lubbock TX required a trench drain to conform to the inside perimeter of the school's regulation running track. 6" wide NDS Dura Slope Trench Drain was specified for the job based on the potential time-savings during installation. The installing crew was able to prep and install the job quickly due to the lightweight nature of the material, and tongue and groove Dura Loc™ joints ensured precise alignment during installation with snap-lock mechanisms to eliminate joint movement. Labor reduction was also provided on the job site by Dura- Slope's pre-sloped channels. Overall, the installation went smoothly and quickly, with significant cost-savings.
“We observed very poor drainage and ponding occurring along a 1,500’ length of the 6th fairway. This was a fairly long stretch of the fairway that ponded in excess of 3” after a 2” rainfall and would stay that way for at least a day. This would delay the use of the course by club members. After reviewing the problem we determined we needed a French drain. I obtained bids to regrade and drain that area, but the cost was too high and would put the course out of commission for too long. The contractors bidding the job came back with a plan to regrade the area, use dual wall pipe and catch basins as the solution. I looked at those bids and decided I wanted to avoid a regrade due to cost and decided to move forward with a French drain solution. At the same time as I was getting the French drain work planned, my distributor sent me an email about a new product from NDS called EZflow.
After receiving the information, I looked at the product web site and, after viewing the installation video and a golf course case study, I decided to try the product on my 6th fairway project. I thought it may work better because of the improved infiltration of water versus pea gravel. The product has 30% superior drainage performance over pipe and gravel. I originally planned to use a 7 member crew for 7 days to trench, install and clean the site of spoils. Once I started trenching, I was able complete the entire job in 1 day with 3 employees and actually found my guys waiting for the trencher to complete trenching so they could continue to install the EZflow product. Bottom line, I put 3 people on the job to trench and install the product that ended up taking 1 day to trench and install; 2 days to clean up spoils. If I had used pea gravel and pipe, I would have needed 7 guys for 7 days to trench, install and clean the site of excess gravel.