Retaining Wall Drainage


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EZflow® Gravel Free French Drain, 50 LF


Camp Nelson, California


Retaining Wall Drainage


Jim Solomon

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Jim Solomon

I love this product. It's saved me so much time and so much effort. I would recommend EZflow to anyone... it just makes so much sense.

– Jim Solomon, Homeowner

Jim Solomon is a 65-year-old retired electrical engineer and the proud owner of a cabin in Camp Nelson, California that he has been remodeling himself for the past 40 years. A do-it-yourselfer, Jim is always looking for creative solutions to problems that would traditionally require significant investments in time and manpower.

Jim's most recent project involved the installation of a 50'L x 36"H retaining wall. To preserve the integrity of the newly erected structure, Jim sought to install a drainage system to move groundwater out from behind the retaining wall.

Jim had abandoned the installation of a traditional French drain system (hard pipe and gravel) after realizing that the project was beyond what he could do himself. Firstly, the traditional method would have required that he move hundreds of pounds of gravel from the dump site to the project site, not to mention pay a hefty fee for the

gravel and its delivery:

"I would have had to wheelbarrow in six yards of gravel. At my age it would have taken me 4-5 extra days."

Secondly, due to the unique shape of the retaining wall, which had several 90 degree corners, Jim would have had to hire outside help to manipulate the inflexible hard pipe.

Determined to complete the project himself, Jim sought out a gravel free alternative:

"I was searching for a way around gravel because it weighs so much and I'm doing all the work myself."

Jim was introduced to EZflow and was impressed by its lightweight and gravel free nature. After speaking with the NDS

Design Team, Jim purchased the product and installed the system in a single afternoon.

EZflow's lightweight nature allowed Jim to easily carry it from his truck to the project site without any discomfort, while its flexibility allowed him to accommodate the sharp corners of the retaining wall without having to cut the product.

After completing the installation, Jim shared his enthusiasm for EZflow with the NDS team:

"I love this product. It's saved me so much time and so much effort. I would recommend EZflow to anyone... it just makes so much sense."

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Jim Solomon at his cabin in Camp Nelson during the EZflow Installation.


EZflow poly-rock aggregate is engineered with "flow channels" to increase void space.


Jim installing EZflow; Connecting EZflow with a coupler; Finished Installation

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