El Niño Resource Page

What is El Niño?
El Niño is a part of a climate cycle that affects global weather patterns. This cycle describes warmer conditions in the ocean and atmosphere of the eastern Pacific. These temperature abnormalities cause uncharacteristic weather events across the United States. Northern states can expect warm and dry conditions while southern states from California to Florida will experience cool and wet weather. Not every El Niño cycle follows the same pattern, and the 2016 El Niño event is forecasted to be larger and more powerful than the strongest El Niño recorded in 1997.

What does El Niño mean for me?

This 2016 El Niño event is forecasted to be the strongest in recorded history. The southern United States will likely experience long lasting, steady storms, with a high volume of precipitation. Continuous storms from California to Florida will increase the likelihood of mudslides and extreme flooding. Severe rainfall commonly causes foundation damage and flooded basements, two of the most costly home repairs. Preparation is the best way to protect valuable property, and ensure safety during El Niño.

Learn how to prepare for El Niño

How can NDS help me prepare for El Niño?
NDS is committed to helping homeowners prepare for El Niño, and has a variety of tools available to help. Our very own civil engineer, Dr. Drainage has compiled a list of tips to protect your home. Dr. Drainage also recommends checking out the Home Drainage Center to customize a drainage system that will protect your home. Whether you buy online or find a local retailer, NDS is here to help, offering technical support with a team of industry experts committed to sustainable stormwater solutions.