A scalable & flexible solution that meets today's performance standards for onsite stormwater management

S5 by NDS™ offers a comprehensive solution in line with Low Impact Development policies by managing stormwater as close to its source as possible through run-off reduction and quality enhancement at the site scale. The S5 system is built around known and trusted components, providing solutions that offer 5 key benefits:

  • Conservation
  • Flexibility
  • Replenishment
  • Management
  • Mitigation

System Benefits

Stormwater management plays vital role in the quality and availability of water.


Droughts, storms and pollution increasingly threaten the quality of hydrologic systems and the supply of clean water. S5 systems conserve stormwater on site through filtration, detention and infiltration, improving environmental health and contributing to reserves.


S5 systems manage rainfall at the site scale using smaller, decentralized controls for filtration, detention and infiltration, helping to mimic pre-development hydrology. This method is an effective alternative to disposing of stormwater with costly end-of-pipe systems.


Heavy-handed stormwater management infrastructure can negatively alter our sense of place. The dynamic S5 system components provide the freedom to respond to environmental conditions and preserve a site's unique features.


Excessive stormwater runoff can introduce pollutants from hard surfaces into our waterways and cause severe erosion. S5 system filters improve water quality, and detention and infiltration components limit downstream erosion by reducing peak overflows.


Extracting groundwater for drinking, agriculture and industrial processes reduces this limited resource and can cause ground subsidence. Preventing excessive stormwater runoff with an S5 system encourages subsurface recharge which helps balance withdrawl.

System Anatomy


NDS S5 system provides design flexibility for managing storm water onsite. Ideal for working with the contours and features of a site, S5 components easily adapt to fit a wide range of projects and install with the use of heavy equipment. A single source solution, S5 is also easy to specify, qualifies for LEED credits and offers up to 250% more detention volume than traditional gravel systems. A list of potential LEED credits is located in the References section at the end of this guide



S5 offers several options to collect stormwater from various sources.

  • Catch basin function effectively for downspouts from roots
  • Channel drains intercept sheet flow from paved surfaces
  • Permeable grass and gravel pavers collect stormwater from walkways and parking areas when used as alternatives to tradional impermeble solutions

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Prevent debris and other solids in stormwater from impairing system function.

  • Basin and channel grates provide a front line of mechanical filtration
  • Frbric filters contribute further cleaning of stormwater, extending system life
  • Grass and gravel paver systems naturally filter and clean stormwater while flowing

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Move stormwater from its sources to downstream detention, infiltration and overflow components.

  • Smooth wall and corrugated pipe with appropriate filtings and adapters have known flow characteristics to get the job done.
  • Using EZflow tm for conveyance will also increase system detention and infiltration, effectively reducing the footprint of the downstream detention area.


Arrange Flo-Well dry wells and EZflow leaching trenches in customizable configurations and at depths suitable to existing site conditios, soil types and groundwater elevations.

  • Flo-Well has an open bottom for direct leaching, and EZflow maximizes soil-contact area for effective infiltration

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S5 detention components provide efficient volume to minimize runoff and maximize infiltration.

  • Flo-well® dry wells and EZflow leaching trench arrangement have defined volumes for this purpose
  • Flo Well has 250% more detention volime then traditionl storne- filled dry wells


Arrange Flo-Well dry wells and EZflow leaching trenches in Customizable Configurations and at depths suitable to existing site Conditions, soil types and groundwater elevations.

  • Flo-Well has an open bottom for direct leaching and EZflow Maximizes soil-contact area for effective infiltration

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Allow for excess stormwater beyond the design to overflow from the system in a safe, suitable downstream location.

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