Dura Slope Channel Drains


Dura Slope Channel Drains

What is the load that the Dura Slope Channels are designed to hold?

The Dura Slope Channel and grates have been tested to the AASHTO M-306 and EN 1433 (DIN 1958) test methods by an independent AASHTO accredited lab. The channels strength exceeds the standards set forth by these tests. This rating is suitable for ____________ traffic.

What about the Dura Slope Ductile Iron Frame (DS-200)?

Adding the DS-200 to the Dura Slope system increases the load capacity by _____%. This rating is suitable for __________ traffic. DS-225 screws (sold separately) must be used to secure the grates.

How do I attach the Universal End Cap (DS-224) or Universal End Outlet (DS- 227) to the Dura Slope Channel?

If added to the upstream (female) end, slide the Universal End Cap or Universal End Outlet into the slot on the end of the channel. If added to the downstream (male) end, NDS part # DS-123 Phillips head #6 x ¾” screws must be used to screw the Universal End Cap or Universal End Outlet to the Dura Slope Channel (screws sold separately).

Do the Dura Slope Channels have to be installed in a particular order?

Yes. All channel segments are clearly labeled with and NDS part number sticker. The channels must be installed in ascending numerical order starting with the smallest part number. The part number sticker also shows the number of the segment to be installed upstream and downstream of segment.

How do I connect to the bottom drain?

If connecting to 4” sewer and drain (SDR35) pipe, cut out the bottom drain and insert the DS- 126 Bottom Outlet Adapter. If using 4” schedule 40 pipes, connect NDS part # 56-44 flexible coupling to the 4” pipe and then to the bottom drain of the channel. Tighten the clamps to secure in place. Other diameter pipes can be connected using the appropriate flexible coupling.

How do I prevent concrete from filling the channel during the pour?

All Dura Slope Channels come with a removable cover. Put tape over the slots and screws prior to pouring concrete. After concrete has been finished and cured, remove and discard the covers. The screws are used to secure the grates to the channel.

Can the Dura Slope Channel make bends?

Yes. The Dura Slope Channel can make bends as small as 30” radius using the Dura Slope Radius Couplings.

What is the built-in slope?

The fall in each sloped section of Dura Slope channel is 0.34”. Each section comes with a builtin 0.7% slope. The neutral sections have flat bottoms.

What are the depths of the channels?

Each channel section is different. The shallowest channel is 3.99” from the bottom of the grate to the flow line in the channel. The deepest channel is 12.06” from the bottom of the grate to the flow line. All Dura Slope grates are ¾” thick.

What is the longest run that can be done using Dura Slope Channels?

Without the use of neutral sections (no bottom slope), the maximum length run is 96 feet. With the use of one neutral section in its designed place, the maximum length run is 132 feet. There will be 8.07” of fall in these runs. The channel can be lengthened by adding additional neutral sections. We do not recommend connecting more than 4 consecutive neutral segments together to allow for proper flow and prevent standing water in the channel.

Do I need to worry about expansion and contraction of the grates?

We recommend a 1/8” gap be left between grates during installation to allow for expansion of the grates.