The Clamp-ItTM Saddle for Heap Leach Mining

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Bore, Clamp, Tap. Simple as That.

Install the bolt-free, metal-free Clamp-It™ Saddles on either HDPE or PVC pipes in three simple steps.

Bore hole at desired location.

Clamp saddle over hole.

Tap saddle wedge into place.

Installs in Under a Minute. Lasts for Ages.

Mining irrigation calls for sturdy sprinkler connections capable of withstanding corrosive chemicals, and the NDS Clamp-ItTM Saddle is up to the task.

Easy installation, a patented wedge system and a long-lasting, corrosion-proof design make this sprinkler connection the preferred choice at precious metal mines across North America.

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Designed to Make Heap Leaching Easier

Every feature of the Clamp-ItTM Saddle was engineered for speed, strength and stability.

Easy to Install
Patented wedge design secures the unit firmly in three simple steps.
Bolt-Free Design
Fastens in as little as 45 seconds with a drill and rubber mallet.
Corrosion Resistant
Durable PVC material withstands harsh chemicals like cyanide and sulfuric acid.
Proven Performance
Preferred by gold and copper mines across North America.
Long Lasting
High-pressure, leak-free performance outlasts the competition.
Compatible Design
Engineered for use with HDPE and PVC pipe in a variety of sizes.

Trusted Across North America

Installing the Clamp-ItTM Saddle takes just two tools, three steps and 45 seconds —
saving miners nationwide time compared to traditional, bolted heap-leaching sprinkler connections.

Find the Right Fit

NDS offers a wide range of Clamp-ItTM Saddles to fit different pipe sizes (1.5"-8") and outlets (3/4"-2") as well as slip or threaded systems. Explore our inventory to find the right saddle for your operation.

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