NDS Commitment to Sustainability

At NDS, we are committed to the innovation and promotion of green build products for the residential and non-residential communities, but our commitment to sustainability does not end there. As responsible members of the community and leaders in our field, we consistently seek to improve our processes to be more efficient and to reduce or eliminate any negative effects on the environment.

Here are some of the actions we are taking in our everyday operations at NDS:

  • Utilizing recycled materials. Over 61% of plastics used in manufacturing is recycled
  • Reducing waste in our operations. In 2009, we replaced 40% of our injection molding machines with new state of the art machines, resulting in a 19% reduction in energy usage/lb finished product, a 67% reduction in scrap, and a 50% reduction in hydraulic oil use
  • Selecting vendors that provide sustainable options. In 2009, 100% of our catalogs, brochures, and sell sheets were printed on recyclable paper from FSC certified sources
  • Designing packaging that optimizes the use of materials. We use smarter packaging options that use less material without sacrificing quality and are experimenting with soy-based inks.

In addition to this, our product focus continues to be on green-build and developing sustainable solutions for residential and non-residential applications. At present, NDS offers the following sustainable solutions, all of which can contribute to the earning of LEED credits:

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword, and we’d love to hear more from you about this important topic. To ask a question or provide a comment regarding sustainability, please use our Contact form.

A commitment to a program of continuous improvement and the constant monitoring of green issues, helps NDS combat climate change and improve sustainabilty for all.

By looking closely at how our products may impact the environment, and making responsible and beneficial improvements, we can help improve the quality of lakes, rivers and streams and other ecologies.