General channel questions


General channel questions

Which type of channel do I need?

Automobile traffic, runoff, and application are some of the factors to consider when choosing which channel to install. The advantages to each channel are listed below.

Micro Channel

• Slim 1 ¼” width
• Designed for residential applications including pools, spas, and patios
• 10 ft. long pieces reduces installation time and connections
• Channel and grate are one integral piece

Mini Channel

• 3” wide grates
• Decorative brass grate available
• Similar uses as Micro Channel with more drainage capacity
• Automobile and light truck rated

Speed-D Channel

• 4” wide grates
• Effective in everything from patios to light vehicular traffic areas
• 4’ and 10’ long channel sections
• Fabricated 45°, 90°, cross, and tee pieces available

Pro Series Channel

• Available in 3”, 5”, 8”, and 12” widths. 5”, 8”, and 12” are available in shallow or deep channels
• 5” channel is compatible with new radius coupling that allows smooth bends as small as 30” radius
• Ideal for locations with heavier traffic loads. PVC, reinforced nylon, and cast iron grates available
• Bottom drain or end cap drain available on each channel

Dura Slope

• 6” wide
• Easy to assemble with snap together locking joints
• Manufactured from durable, lightweight, and chemical resistant HDPE material
• 0.7% built-slope is perfect for flat areas
• Tested to loads up to XXX psi when coupled with the ductile iron frame and grate