Tufftrack™ Grass Pavers

A turf reinforcement, load transferring paving system, consisting of rigid 24” square panels. Tufftrack™ Grass Pavers are the strongest paver on the market offering superior stability and durability.

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Tufftrack Grass Paver Compressive Strength

Greatest Compressive Strength

Tufftrack™ Grass Paver is the strongest paver available. It has been tested for compressive strength at 86,563 lbs. bare product, meaning that Tufftrack™ Grass Pavers does not rely on the fill material for load carrying. It’s 25% stronger than the competition.

Tufftrack Grass Paver Quick Installation

Easy Installation, Extreme Durability

Tufftrack™ Grass Paver has unique tongue and groove clips that minimize the paver mat separation and make for quick installation. The secure locking clips prevent paver displacement or mat failure that could result from traffic load movement or changing ground conditions.

Strong and Durable
Tufftrack Grass Paver Strong & Durable
Tufftrack Grass Paver Easy-to-Install
Environmentally Friendly
Tufftrack Grass Paver Environmentally Friendly

Unique Product Features

Tufftrack™ Grass Pavers have features found in no other grass paver product in the industry. A unique domed opening at the base of each hexagonal cell wall promotes a greater flow of water, oxygen and nutrients. The slot opening allows root penetration to the soil below the paver and allows roots to grow between cells, promoting healthier grass.

Tufftrack™ Grass Pavers are ideal for:
  • Fire lanes
  • Truck maintenance and equipment yards
  • Construction entrance soil stabilization
  • Emergency vehicle or service access roads
  • Parking lots
  • RV & boat access and parking
  • Residential driveways
Tufftrack Grass Paver Product Features

Tufftrack™ Grass Pavers

Tufftrack™ Grass pervious pavers provide an alternative grass paving system to a traditional paving method. Grass Pavers provide a strong grass surface that can support heavy vehicles while maintaining permeable surface areas, eliminating or reducing stormwater runoff.

  • TuffTrack Grass Paver 24” panel
    Tufftrack™ Grass Paver
    Available in
    • 24” x 24” panels
    • 1.5” thick
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