NDS Honor Roll Cemetery Pavers

A turf reinforcement, load transferring paving system ideal for long, linear applications next to curbs and medians.

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NDS Honor Roll Cemetery Paver

Greatest Compressive Strength

Honor Roll Grass Paver has been tested for compressive strength at 53,683 lbs. bare product, meaning that EZ Roll does not rely on the fill material for load carrying. It’s 25% stronger than the competition.

NDS Honor Roll Cemetery Drainage Solution

Fast Installation & Reduced Maintenance

Honor Roll Grass Paver comes in pre-assembled rolls that are easy to roll out and include a quick connect locking system reducing installation time.

Smart solution sized for easy install along curbs and medians.

Strong and Durable
Easy Installation
Strong and Sturdy
Environmentally Friendly
Superior Material

A Smart, Sustainable Solution

Pervious paver solutions are an alternative to traditional paving methods. EZ Roll Grass pervious paver solutions create a strong surface that can support heavy vehicles while allowing water to permeate the surface minimizing runoff.

Honor Roll™ Grass Pavers

Honor Roll Grass Pavers feature hexagonal cells that protect the root zone and prevent soil compaction, allowing healthy grass to thrive in heavily-trafficked areas, replacing the need for impervious hardscaping.

  • Honor Roll Grass Paver
    Honor Roll™ Grass Paver
    • 13 in. x 150 ft. rolls/158.3 square feet total
    • 18 in. x 150 ft. rolls/226.5 square feet total
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