EZ Marker Grass & Gravel Parking Delineators

Used with EZ Roll™ products, NDS EZ Marker Grass & Gravel Delineators are a modular solution to outlining driving lanes, parking stalls, and fire lanes.

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Snaps Into Place

EZ Marker Grass and Gravel Delineators snaps into the appropriate empty paver cell to outline whatever pattern necessary to properly direct vehicular traffic.

Stre Beauty

Durable Design

Our Grass and Gravel parking markers are tamper-resistant and built to last from molded polypropylene, impact copolymer. EZ Marker features a 300 PSI class “C” compressive strength. And it’s self-cleaning – its raised dome design prevents debris from sticking.

EZ Marker™ Grass Pavers

EZ Marker Grass and Gravel Delineators are a smart, simple and effective solution for managing parking lot traffic or to guide motorists around hazards.

  • EZ Marker Grass and Gravel Parking Delineator
    EZ Marker™ Parking Delineator
    • 2.7” hexagonal shape – fits NDS EZ Roll Grass and Gravel Pavers with 0.40” profile above paver grade
    • Available in 4 colors, white, blue, red and yellow
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