NDS Mini Channel Drains

Mini Channel Drains are lightweight and easy-to-install, ideal for light-duty residential applications such as pools, patios and tennis courts.

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Decorative Mini Channel Drains

Beautiful Functionality

NDS Mini Channel Drains are dimensionally compatible with standard paving systems and snaps together for fast, easy installation. Decorative grates are available in unique patterns and colors making it an attractive choice for patios and athletic courts.

Lightweight Polyolefin Mini Channel Drains

Strength and Durability

Manufactured from durable, lightweight polyolefin, Mini Channel Drains features a patented flying buttress design that provides load-bearing support from both sides and underneath.

Mini Channel™ Drain

NDS Mini Channel Drains are Ideal for residential patios, pools and spas where need for water drainage is minimal.

  • Mini Channel™ Drain Sections
    Mini Channel™ Drain Sections
    2.75” wide drain offered in 6 ft. lengths.
    • Includes a variety of grate options including brass, plastic and decorative designs
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  • Mini Channel™ Drain Outlets and Accessories
    Mini Channel™ Outlets and Accessories
    Outlet and accessory options are available to meet the needs of any project.
    • Includes outlets, adapters end caps, tees and elbows
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