Trunk Protector

Use tree trunk guards around the base of the trees to protect the tender bark. NDS trunk protectors will help prevent tree damage from lawn mowers, edgers, and string trimmers. The coiled shape allows it to expand with the growth of the tree.

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  • Tree Trunk Protector & Trunk Guards
    Tree Trunk Protector
    • Tree trunk guards prevent damage from lawnmowers, edgers, and string trimmers
    • It is vented, which permits the tree to breathe and it is notched at the base to accommodate root flare
    • Each trunk protector unit fits up to a 4 inch caliper tree; multiple units may be used for larger trees.
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Trunk Protector

Preventing costly damage to sidewalks, hardscapes and foundations, NDS root barrier products help protect homeowners and communities against the high cost of reparations.

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