Micro Channel Drains

A lightweight, effective solution for pools, spas and patios where water flow is minimal.

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Economical and Effective

Micro Channel Drains are engineered with recessed grate openings to improve runoff capture, making them an effective and affordable choice for residential applications.

Stre Beauty

Lightweight and Easy to Install

Micro Channel Drains are manufactured from lightweight polyolefin and feature an integrated grate design. Channel sections snap together easily to make installation fast and simple.

Micro Channel™ Drain

Ideal for residential patios, pools and spas where need for water drainage is minimal.

  • Micro Channel™ Drain Sections
    A slim, 1.25” wide drain offered in 10ft lengths
    • 7”Available in 3 colors
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  • Micro Channel™ Outlets and Accessories
    Outlet and accessory options are available to meet the needs of any projects
    • Includes outlets, end plugs, tees, elbow and cleanouts.
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