Flo-Lock Pipe Couplings & Adapters

Flo-Lock pipe couplings and adapters make water service line installations easy and provide a leak-proof joint with less chance of pipe pull-out.

  • NDS pipe coupling allow for a reliable connection for Polyethylene, copper tube, or PVC pipes.
  • Buna N O-ring seal and pressure ring to control pressure as cap is tightened
  • Stainless steel gripper ring helps eliminate pull-out of pipe during installation
  • Stainless steel support collar on female pipe thread fittings ensures that connections to metal pipe threads are lock-proof

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Flo-Loc Pipe Couplings and Adapters

From expansion repair and compression couplings, to spring, swing check and ball valves, NDS offers a full line of products for irrigation, plumbing, pool and spa and industrial applications.

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