NDS Spee-D® Channel Drains

NDS Spee-D® Channel Drain Systems are a lightweight alternative to traditional concrete channel drains, offering superior performance for residential and commercial applications.

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Spee-D Channel Drains

Lightweight and Easy to Install

Spee-D Channel Drain components are chemically-resistant and much lighter than concrete. Sections snap together for fast, easy installation.

Spee-D Channel Drain outlets and adapters


Spee-D Channel Drain outlets and adapters make fitting a variety of pipe sizes and configurations easy. Metal, plastic and decorative grate options in multiple colors are available.


Spee-D® Channel Drain

A plastic channel drain ideal for residential and commercial applications such as driveways, large decks, commercial areas and light vehicular traffic areas.

  • Spee-D 4” Channel Drains
    Spee-D® Channel Drains
    A 4” wide drain offered in 4’ and 10’ lengths.
    • Patented flying buttress design provides load-bearing support from both sides and underneath
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  • Spee-D Channel Grates and Accessories
    Spee-D® Channel Grates and Accessories
    • Metal, plastic and decorative grate options available
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