Dry Wells

A gravel-free, easy to use alternative to a traditional dry well, that captures and discharges water into the subsoil allowing for the management of stormwater close to its source.

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Lightweight and Durable

250% More Detention Volume

Each unit holds up to 50 gallons of detention volume per unit. Modular units can be connected in a series or stacked to meet a variety of project needs.

Innovative Design and Versatility

Reduced Time and Labor

Gravel-free solution eliminates the need for piping systems to transport water, significant excavation or heavy equipment, saving significant labor costs.

Superior Performance
Easy Installation
Stackable and Expandable
Strong and Sturdy
Superior Material

Exceptional performance for a variety of applications

Flo-Well is an easy to install and sustainable solution for managing stormwater runoff.

  • Standing water/puddles
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Backwash tank
  • Install with a sump pump
  • Reservoir to collect and hold rainwater

Flo-Well® Engineered Dry Well

Can be used independently or as part of a larger system to collect and detain stormwater, allowing for groundwater recharge.

  • Flo-Well® Engineered Dry Well
    • 24” diameter x 28.75 high
    • Includes 3 side panels and 1 cover
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  • Flo-Well® Accessories
    • Accessories include cover, additional panels, bottom, surface drain and filter fabric
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