Spee-D Channel Drains


Spee-D Channel Drains

What lengths are available?

The Spee-D Channel is available in 4 foot and 10 foot sections. The channel can be easily cut to any length.

What colors grates are available?

The Spee-D Channel grates are available in white, grey, green, black, sand, and brick red.

Are metal grates available?

No. Only plastic grates are available for the Spee-D Channel.

What is the Spee-D Channel load rating?

The plastic grates are rated to support automobiles, light trucks, and medium-duty pneumatic tires (up to 175 psi) at speeds less than 20 m.p.h.

Does the Spee-D Channel ship with any accessories?

No. All accessories are sold separately.

Can the Spee-D Channel make bends?

Yes. Prefabricated 45°, 90°, tee’s, and crosses can be purchased. The channel can also be cut to any angle using a miter saw. The same angle will need to be cut into another piece of channel. Glue the pieces together and secure the joint before encasing in concrete.

How do I connect the channels together?

Sections of Spee-D Channel can be connected together using the either the Channel Strainer Coupling (NDS part # 245) or the Channel Coupling (NDS part # 248).

How does the water drain out of the Mini Channel?

There are two options to drain the water out of the Spee-D Channel; the end of the channel or the bottom of the channel. There are two end caps that can be installed to the end of the channel. NDS part # 245 connects to 2” schedule 40 pipe and part # 249 connects to both 3” sewer and drain pipe and 4” sewer and drain fittings. The bottom drain channel comes with an atrium grate pre-inserted in the channel to prevent debris from entering the storm drain system. The bottom drain fits 3” or 4” sewer and drain fittings.

Do I need to worry about expansion and contraction of the grates?

We recommend a 1/8” gap be left between grates during installation to allow for expansion of the grates.

How much water can the channel hold?

The channel itself will hold about the same volume of water as a 4” diameter pipe

Can I use rebar or any other method to stake the channel sections instead of the 6” channel installation stakes?

Yes. The recommended method install the channel is to drive a piece of ½” or 5/8” piece of rebar into the ground in the trench. Then drill small holes in the bottom flange of the channel. Next, insert tie wire into the hole and twist it onto the rebar such that the top of the channel sits 1/8” below the finished edge of the concrete.

How are the grates connected to the channel?

The grates can be screwed to the channel using NDS part # 229 – Stainless Steel Screws, Phillips Head #8 x 1” screws (screws sold separately).