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High quality, durable and easy to install products to manage
one of the world’s scarcest resources — water.

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40+ years of experience delivering the highest quality products and support.
We’ll help you get your job done right.
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  • Stormwater

    Easy to install products that
    protect properties and
    landscapes from water
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  • Efficient

    Drought friendly solutions to
    save water and time while
    improving the look of a
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  • Flow

    Quality fittings for use in
    pool, spa, sump pump,
    water well and irrigation
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  • Quality
    Rigorous testing
    ensures that our
    products meet the
    highest standards.
  • Engineering
    technology helps us
    design innovative
    solutions to complex
  • Trust
    Trusted industry
    leader for contractors,
    specifiers and
    homeowners across
    the globe.
  • Support
    Know-how and
    support you need to
    get your job done
  • Availability
    Widely available at
    leading home
    retailers, wholesalers
    and online.

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