Catch Basins and Grates Category Overview

We offer a complete line of catch basins and grates for residential and commercial stormwater management solutions. NDS catch basins have a sump area that collect debris and prevent clogging of the pipeline, and grates are available in a variety of colors to blend in with surrounding surfaces. Depending on the size of the round, square, or atrium grates, they may fit directly into a riser of pipe, sewer and drain fitting, or our catch basins.

Prevents clogs in your drainage system that can lead to water damage and costly repairs.

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Our famous catch basins and grates range in size from 9" square to 24" square.

  • Black, gray, green HDPE grate options
  • Galvanized steel, cast iron, manganese bronze grate options
  • ADA Compliant & Heel Proof options
  • Install with proper grates for traffic rated areas

Use our compact 6" round Spee-D basins to collect runoff water while its sump area collects debris and prevents clogging.

  • Black HDPE
  • Use with grates or Pop-up Emitters

Our Square grates and adapters are a perfect fit when the need for a catch basin is not necessary.  Connect these grates directly to pipe or fittings.

  • Available in green, gray, black, or sand HDPE
  • ADA compliant and heel proof options

Round grates to fit 3" to 15" sizes of sewer and drain pipe, corrugated pipe, or triple-wall pipe.

  • Available in green, gray, black, or sand HDPE
  • ADA compliant and heel proof options

Our Atrium grates are ideal for areas with no traffic where debris like mulch and leaves might clog a flat grate.

  • Available in green, gray, black, or sand HDPE
  • Available in 4" and 6" brass

Our most heavy-duty grates, DuraCast In-Line grates are 6" to 12" wide to fit corrugated pipe or sewer and drain pipe.

  • Heavy-duty cast iron and ductile iron
  • H-20 load rating

NDS has a wide variety of brass and chrome grates for projects where quality and aesthetics are a must.

  • Satin or polished brass
  • ADA compliant options
  • Available in square, round, and atrium configurations.