NDS Development & Growth

At NDS we are committed to the growth of our employees as well as our business. We recognize that the only way for our organization to grow is by investing in the growth and development of our employees. As our employees experience professional growth we become stronger as a workforce and succeed. To that end, NDS and NORMA Group offer a variety of development programs locally, regionally, and overseas to help you reach your potential as an individual.

You Own Your Own Career
Talent Management

Investing in our employees’ success is a business principle and philosophy of NDS. We believe that our team and culture is the ‘secret sauce’ to our success and every employee makes a big difference.

NDS empowers employees to take ownership in shaping the future of NDS by fostering an environment of open dialogue and encouraging feedback at any time. Every three years, we participate at the Global NORMA Group Employee Satisfaction Survey to ensure that our programs and activities meet employees’ expectations.

Talent management comes from our employees themselves, not top-down: Our employees own their development journey. NDS provides programs, such as:

  • self-awareness training for effective communication
  • leadership development
  • product knowledge training
  • professional certifications such as forklift, inventory management

As our employees experience professional growth we become stronger as a whole. To that end, our programs do not stop here but development opportunities exist globally through the NORMA Group network to help you reach your fullest potential.

Enjoy Speed. Adapt Fast. Don’t Hesitate – Take Action.