NDS Culture

NDS is proud of the culture we have developed through our shared commitment to the Core Values of Customer Focus, Teamwork, Communication, Integrity & Trust, and Results. The environment NDS has cultivated is built on a commitment to these basic principles and we want our employees to embody those principles as they go about their daily business. Our Core Values are fundamental beliefs that shape our work every day. Through these values, we empower ourselves to meet the demands placed on us and exceed the expectations of our customers.

One of the ways we maintain positive relationships with our customers is by emphasizing a need for trust and accountability. One person’s success cannot come at the expense of the organization. We think it is important that our employees are upfront about obstacles they face and take ownership for their set-backs as well as their successes. Honesty and integrity are not just important values to NDS - they are invaluable qualities to our customers as well.

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Core Values

NDS is powered by a number of essential beliefs that we want our employees to carry with them every day. By maintaining a shared commitment to the core values of Customer Focus, Teamwork, Communication, Integrity & Trust, and Results we develop a positive relationship with our customers and business partners. These principles guide our employees every single day as they work and interact on behalf of NDS.

Customer Focus

Our number one priority at NDS is Customer Focus. The NDS Brand Promise speaks to our relationship with external customers but we believe that applying that same focus to our internal relations is equally important. Only by listening to our co-workers as well as our customers will we be able to meet the demand for exceptional customer service. We intend to serve you the best way that we can as you serve us and our customers – we are all in this together!


It is crucial that our employees are empowered to take on the responsibility for challenges that they face on a day-to-day basis. If a mistake is made, honesty and accountability with our colleagues will be vital in resolving any issues that arise. Interpersonal effectiveness is an essential value at NDS and we think that by better understanding ourselves and each other we can build effective communication. While it’s not uncommon for communication conflicts to arise as we complete our daily tasks, we believe there are methods to resolve these differences effectively. By using tools like personality profiles to identify our own motivations and conflict triggers we can better understand our associates and prevent these conflicts from escalating.


NDS is always looking to generate innovative ideas to meet the frequently changing needs of our customers. Global issues like resource scarcity also put considerable pressure on us to continually develop new solutions in water management. To meet this growing need for innovation, NDS has created companywide events like the Innovation Drive to open the door for all employees to contribute their own ground-breaking ideas to the business. As we strive for innovation, we ask our employees to identify risks and remain open to feedback during the process. Every idea, even if not implemented, will provide us with valuable lessons and opportunities for improvement. ”Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently”- Henry Ford


NDS and NORMA Group are committed to developing a diverse and inclusive workforce in an environment that empowers all of our employees. Our aim is to build a workplace that attracts talented individuals and enables them to openly communicate with colleagues, co-develop ideas, and grow to their fullest potential. We believe that employing people with a diverse range of skills and experiences is vital to the growth of NDS. Welcoming diversity of people as well as ideas is the only way for our organization to succeed.

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We put water in its place’ is not only our promise to our customers and business partners, but we also see it as our responsibility to act as a socially committed business globally as well as locally. Therefore, we participate in various charity projects, such as the annual Help Day that is driven by our employees to address local societal needs. The NORMA Clean Initiative expands its local responsibility and sets the first global commitment to provide clean water to rural communities in India.

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