NDS and local NDS-certified drainage contractor Water Oak Irrigation joined forces to effectively resolve standing water and runoff issues on a homeowner's property. See the results that made this homeowner happy.


From muddy lawns and downspouts to wet pavements and basements, NDS can help you identify prevalent drainage issues and provide the right solutions. Take the first step toward resolving your home drainage problems with our step-by-step guide.

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Catch Basin Kit

Catch Basin Kit

  • Captures excess stormwater and conveys to connected drain pipes
  • Ideal for downspouts, water on lawns and landscapes
  • Includes the catch basin drain, drain grate, two outlet adapters, and one outlet plug
Flo-Well Dry Well

Flo-Well® Dry Well

  • Collects, detains, and slowly releases water into the soil
  • Gravel-free interior provides 250% more detention volume than comparable sized gravel dry wells
  • Lightweight and easy to install
EZFlow Gravel-free French Drain System

EZFlow™ Gravel-free French Drain System

  • Prevent saturation along foundations, retaining walls, and raised planters
  • Also works as an infiltration system to detain water captured from upstream
  • Convenient alternative to traditional stone and pipe drainage with a 30% flow rate
Spee-D Catch Basin and Riser

Spee-D® Catch Basin & Riser

  • Collects water from flood-prone areas and directs to drain pipes
  • Ideal for water on lawns, landscapes, patios, and walkways
  • Use with the riser for catch basins that outlet deeper in the ground to add 2 to 6 in. of height from top of basin


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Find a Contractor

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