Case Study Project Information, Creation of Emergency Vehicle Access Lane for Union High School, Tulsa, OK

When the Tulsa Independent School District prepared to open a new school at 6636 South Mingo Rd, the Dewberry Design Group was faced with the decision of how to provide emergency vehicle access roads leading up to the building and athletic facilities.

Due to its high compressive strength of 98,700 psf and the flexibility to either sod or seed the area immediately following the installation, Tufftrack Grassroad Paver was selected.

Independent contractors Cherokee Builders had never before installed a grass paver project, but after installing 8,000 square feet of Tufftrack at Union High School they reported that it was straightforward and simple to install. Cherokee Builders plans to utilize this product on future installations.

Fast Facts

Product and Quantity

NDS Tufftrack Grassroad Paver, 8000 SF.

Location Address

6636 S. Mingo Rd., Tulsa, OK.


Fire Lane.

Installation Date

December 2005.


Tulsa Independent School District.

Design Firm

Dewberry Design Group.


Cherokee Builders.

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Union High School, Emergeny Access
Fire Lane, Tufftrack Permeable Paver, During Installation

During the installation: Tufftrack Grassroad Paver panels were connected, filled, and leveled in the designated fire lane areas.

Union High School, Emergeny Access Fire Lane,
Tufftrack Permeable Paver, After Installation

Sod was laid down on the Tufftrack Grassroad Paver to complete the installation. The image above shows the finished fire land on the far side of the school.