Case Study Project Information, The Market Place Spray to Drip Conversion

Fast Facts

Product and Quantity

Dura-Flo Inline Check Valve, 1100 LF (SFCV-BR-6412-10)

Location Address

The Market Place
2915 El Camino Real
Tustin, CA 92782


Spray to Drip Conversion

Installation Date

February 11, 2011


The Irvine Company


Mission Landscapes

Until 2011, the owners of the Market Place Shopping Center in Tustin, CA had been utilizing spray irrigation to water the landscaping, with mixed results. On the plus side, the plants were watered regularly. The downside? The grounds beyond the landscaped areas were also getting soaked, which meant water run-off onto sidewalks and parked cars. To conserve water and prevent customer’s cars from being sprayed, a drip irrigation system was recommended.

After back-and-forth communication between Mission Landscapes and the NDS technical team, the Check Valve was determined to be the ideal solution. To ensure a smooth transition, several representatives from NDS were on site to support the contractor during installation. The result: Straightforward installation and a more efficient, water saving system than the Irvine Company had been using prior.

The project was specified with Netafim’s TLCV Dripperline and Low Flow Drip Zone Kit, but as the Netafim Dripperline only extends to a certain length, more product would have to be installed than if a suitable alternative were used.

With research, an alternative was found: a newly launched product from Agrifim called the Dura-Flo Inline Check Valve. Agrifim’s low profile emitter has a flat design for reduced pressure loss, allowing for longer lateral runs – in turn, this reduces the material used and saves the contractor valuable installation time.

The advantages of using Dura-Flo Inline Check Valve for this application are:

  • Drip Application: Water is applied directly to the plant zone resulting in less run-off and better plant health.
  • Check Valve Feature: Water is conserved between irrigation cycles. Check valve seals off at 2 PSI and eliminates low head drainage.
  • Length of Tubing: With long runs there is less material used, resulting in more time and money saved.
  • Standardized: Accepts industry standard 17mm barbed insert fittings.

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The Irvine Company, The Market Place, Dura-Flo Inline Check Valve
An even and measured supply of water is important for plant health, and that’s something these plants weren’t getting prior to the Agrifim Dripperline being installed. Then add the check valve feature to prevent low head drainage, and you get increased water savings - it’s a win-win.

Mark Homlquist
Business Development Manager of Efficient Irrigation at NDS, Inc.

The Irvine Company, The Market Place, Dura-Flo Inline Check Valve

The Dura-Flo Inline Check Valve saves more water than regular dripperlines. This is due to pressure compensating emitters that hold water in the system and prevent low head drainage.

The Irvine Company, The Market Place, Dura-Flo Inline Check Valve

Spray to Drip Conversion

The Irvine Company, The Market Place, Dura-Flo Inline Check Valve

Installed Dura-Flo Inline Check Valve